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Coty Cosmetics Save Money With Universal Robots

The famous Coty corporation, which creates cosmetics and partners with many popular cosmetics brands such as Rimmel and CoverGirl, began to introduce robots into its production. In one of its factories, 8 ultra-functional robots are engaged in packaging products on powder presses. They are placed on 4 movable carts. This drastic improvement and move to more mobile manufacturing could reduce costs by half a million dollars, and improve workflow and product quality. 

General Motors presented

The American concern General Motors has presented the concept of a flying car and an electric shuttle Cadillac. Both new products' presentations took place at the annual electronics exhibition CES-2021 in an online format. According to GM chief designer Michael Simcoe, the purpose of the presentation is to show the world what the autonomy and luxury of a Cadillac might look like in the not-too-distant future, where time and convenience matter.  According to GM, the electric shuttle should be a fully self-driving minivan, devoid of traditional pedals and steering wheels.

5 options for how AMR can change storage

Self-contained mobile robots are intelligent machines capable of moving independently, moving from one object to another, without human intervention. They feel comfortable in warehouses, as they are well oriented in space. Self-contained mobile robots rely on special devices, navigators, and maps that can reproduce imitation of the surrounding space to overcome visible obstacles and successfully move along the paths of premises. No longer need special robot tracks or magnetic stripes.

Autonomous robots for room disinfection created

The world-renowned corporation Fetch Robotics, which develops robotic systems, together with its logistics firm Piedmont National, is planning to release a professional robot that will be qualitatively decontaminated. The SmartGuardUV method was created for decontamination premises, including shops, hospitals, etc. This solution allows you to purify the air completely safely and comfortably because the methods are based on the Fetch Robotics cloud platform. Its advantages include the use of high-tech pulsed xenon UV lamps PURO Lighting, as well as the ability to get a complete summary of the quality of the system using Piedmont 4Site cloud analysis.

 Company Toyota made public two innovative forklift vehicles

Toyota Forklift recommended the vehicles. It presented it as self-ruling vehicles, developed in cooperation with Toyota Advanced Logistics and Bastian Solutions. The first machine was named the “Center-Controlled Rider”. The second is called "Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklifts". Both are suitable for use in warehouses for various purposes. They are appropriate to provide distribution centers in large stores, where special supervision of specialists is not required to complete the packaging goods. These two machines are ideal for repetitive and standardized actions.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Increase Operational Efficiency

Automation keeps up with time. Based on the significant increase in efficiency with the automatic technologies introduction, they do not stop developing and improving. McKinsey provided the results of a recent study. According to this, 30% of entrepreneurs have automated at least one of their businesses. 59% of people surveyed said they used automated technology features for at least one business unit. 

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