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General Motors presented
General Motors presented

The American concern General Motors has presented the concept of a flying car and an electric shuttle Cadillac. Both new products' presentations took place at the annual electronics exhibition CES-2021 in an online format. According to GM chief designer Michael Simcoe, the purpose of the presentation is to show the world what the autonomy and luxury of a Cadillac might look like in the not-too-distant future, where time and convenience matter.  According to GM, the electric shuttle should be a fully self-driving minivan, devoid of traditional pedals and steering wheels.

The conceptual "capsule" is equipped with a specific panel system with hinged doors, a leather sofa in the cabin, and a whole range of biometric sensors capable of reading the vital signs of passengers, adjusting temperature, light, odors, and other parameters to them. 

The second and, probably, the main novelty - the flying car - is a single-seat drone with four propellers, which can take off and land vertically, accelerating in the air to 90 km / h. The front of the car is completely transparent. The absence of any controls once again hints that you will have to adjust the speed and set the route in some alternative way. General Motors representatives will tell us about it later. The uniqueness of cars lies in the fact that they will soon become a reality. 

According to General Motors chief designer Michael Simcoe, the concepts will revolutionize the way people think about urban movement. It should be noted that cars are designed for one person. Recall that the last such project (a flying car) was the Lanciare jet hypercar from the Italian company Firenze. It will be possible to order a unique vehicle capable of accelerating to as much as 800 km / h for at least $ 6 million or 442 million rubles at the current rate. The presentation also announced the launch of a new business line BrightDrop for the production of electric cars, software, and the provision of services to improve logistics (at the start - for customers in the US and Canada, and then, as the chip goes). BrightDrop plans to launch EV600 electric trucks. FedEx Express will be their first customer. She will receive the first batch of cars this year. Other customers will be able to purchase the EV600 from early 2022, and BrightDrop will also produce EP1 electric pallets to move parcels and goods over short distances. For example, from car to customer's door. By the way, the executive director of GM for global product development said that the concern is collaborating with all the best start-ups in battery technology to reach the level of Tesla or surpass it.


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