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5 options for how AMR can change storage
5 options for how AMR can change storage

Self-contained mobile robots are intelligent machines capable of moving independently, moving from one object to another, without human intervention. They feel comfortable in warehouses, as they are well oriented in space. Self-contained mobile robots rely on special devices, navigators, and maps that can reproduce imitation of the surrounding space to overcome visible obstacles and successfully move along the paths of premises. No longer need special robot tracks or magnetic stripes.

The main plus and characteristic features of Autonomous mobile robots are that they are multifunctional and perfectly cope with several tasks simultaneously.

They are programmed to fulfill orders, transport products, make strategic selections, assess management, and assist workers in their direct tasks. Next, you can familiarize yourself with the various methods by which self-contained mobile robots can change and improve the work processes in the warehouse.

1. Fast movement

Usually, the average warehouse worker spends quite a lot of time on a specific task due to the time spent walking through the entire warehouse. The employee must first go to the very place of collection, then determine the required product, get it, and go back to the sorting points again.

At this time, collaborative autonomous mobile robots can double work efficiency and speed up the task process. All this is possible thanks to the well-established automation of movement from the sorting point to the place of packing, distribution, and dispatch.

The robots successfully collect products for two different orders in one ride, which greatly speeds up the work process and helps the warehouse workers. The fewer rides the robot makes, the faster the sorting process takes place, the less fatigue, and the percentage of errors when sending goods. Also, it is not unimportant that using virtual intelligence can reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. Self-contained mobile robots have the property of calculating and following improved paths for collecting products. This is very useful and important for simplifying area and intermediate collection methods.

2. A simple process of introducing automation into the work process

AMR has a great advantage over the conveyor and other similar automation systems because they are very mobile and easy to operate. They can easily make reversals from warehouses and order fulfillment points. This will significantly save your budget because you will not need to change or supplement jobs in any way for the robots to function. You can easily deploy them during work since the integration of self-contained mobile robots does not interfere with your work at all.

3. Work orientation for accurate and productive task execution

 Self-contained mobile robots are rightfully considered multifunctional. Robots can shorten the collection time of products by moving them as quickly as possible. They can also perform a collaborative robot, for example, Chuck by 6 River Systems, assisting workers, they travel to product warehouses, show which items need to be selected, thereby improving the accuracy and productivity of warehouse employees. To avoid mistakes or inaccuracies that can be made by employees due to banal overload or fatigue, AMR prioritizes work and composes similar tasks to improve work efficiency and speed of its completion.

4. Possibility to reduce automation costs

The implementation of autonomous mobile robots is quite feasible without large costs and a total change in the structure of the warehouse and sorting facilities. Even those firms that do not have impressive amounts of money can afford this automation and enjoy all the advantages of robotic technology for transportation and execution of various orders.

In their work, self-contained mobile robots use maps for moving around the warehouse premises. They can move to different floors, as well as successfully overcome obstacles on their way. Therefore, management no longer has to worry about the need to purchase special magnetic strips or tracks to integrate robots into the workflow. Thus, automation does not disrupt the usual work routine, does not interfere with employees, and does not create additional problems. The integration of AMR is not as expensive as it might seem at first glance, and thanks to the maximum mobility, it became possible to easily move them to different objects.

5. Priority of human mental work

Thanks to the use of innovative methods in their work, warehouse employees have more time to solve more important tasks that require time and immersion, instead of spending long hours walking around the warehouse in search and transportation of the necessary products. Instead, it will be done by autonomous mobile robots, which are programmed to help workers complete their tasks. They can find and overcome convenient routes that do not need to spend a lot of time. Thanks to their fast work, they set the pace for the company's employees who strive to keep up with the specialists. Highly functional AMRs are capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. You can program some machines to deliver goods or help people complete their tasks. While other robots will be engaged in the delivery of products to different compartments of the warehouse and take them to the sorting points, or they will integrate with gripping levers to automate your chosen selection method.

There is no doubt that autonomous mobile robots can improve productivity, and reduce labor costs. All this does not depend on the tasks that are put forward by the company and the management, the automated machines can cope with various activities.


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