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Autonomous robots for room disinfection created
Autonomous robots for room disinfection created

The world-renowned corporation Fetch Robotics, which develops robotic systems, together with its logistics firm Piedmont National, is planning to release a professional robot that will be qualitatively decontaminated. The SmartGuardUV method was created for decontamination premises, including shops, hospitals, etc. This solution allows you to purify the air completely safely and comfortably because the methods are based on the Fetch Robotics cloud platform. Its advantages include the use of high-tech pulsed xenon UV lamps PURO Lighting, as well as the ability to get a complete summary of the quality of the system using Piedmont 4Site cloud analysis.

The result of this successful collaboration is a self-contained robot capable of UV  decontamination of various premises. Thanks to UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A, it removes all dangerous bacteria and provides complete info on the decontamination done and the results of the work. More and more enterprises are trying to resume and establish the full operation of their structures, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. To protect people from infection with a dangerous virus, which tends to be quickly transmitted by airborne droplets, heads of companies strive to disinfect their offices, pavilions, shops, and so on. Globally, governments and senior management are imposing tough sanitation standards so that businesses can return to their previous level and the pandemic does not grow further.

Scientists and doctors from all over the world urge people to take a responsible attitude to their health, to carry out frequent cleaning of premises, to regularly ventilate and decontamination the places where workers gather.

Since the fight against Covid-19 is not over yet, the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is rising every day, there is a demand for good, powerful disinfectants, including automated ones.

SmartGuardUV uses a sequential mapping technique as well as a special camera image to direct a wide spectrum of ultraviolet radiation autonomously from a flash xenon lamp. Today, this technology is considered the most effective for disinfection based on ultraviolet radiation, especially when it comes to disinfecting important areas in space.

An ultra-high-tech UV lamp technique developed by PURO Lighting, who took the idea from the pioneers of the UV sphere, Violet Defense. It is thanks to this development that it has become possible to reduce the target UV light at high-intensity levels. Now, it will take exactly 90 seconds to clear ten feet of bacteria, and only six minutes to thoroughly decontaminate the most important places of the house.

World-class laboratories and qualified experts have checked and proven the ultimate SmartGuardUV. This disinfection technology is super useful.

They say that the SmartGuardUV UVs features are best at protecting employees from coronavirus infection. This technology allows you to ensure the convenience and safety of the workflow without interrupting it.

Since the SmartGuardUV method was created based on the Fetch cloud platform, which develops robotics, it is as thoughtful and efficient as possible. You can carry out disinfection in selected areas using robotic sensors you can autonomously move around the perimeter, enter the desired space, activate pulsed ultraviolet light for cleaning.

The sensor screen that has been incorporated into the device is capable of reducing UV radiation when it reaches a critical point. The management can control the equipment for cleaning even being far from the office, you can also select the decontamination modes.

SmartGuardUV transmits reports on the work done for a specific selected period, you can see the time that was spent cleaning the room, photo report with a confirmed cleaning schedule. Also, you can watch the work in real-time.

Earlier, UV lamps could not boast of such efficiency and durability, their charge was only enough for two hours, and their service life was very short.

Now, these light motors on the SmartGuardUV can transmit ultraviolet rays exactly at a specific place, allowing them to run for more than 8 hours on a single charge. This improvement has led to the emergence of a self-contained robot for decontamination that can work for a long period without losing quality.

Today, self-contained robots are the most effective disinfection technologies, using Breezy One or SmartGuardUV partial cleaning.


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