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 Company Toyota made public two innovative forklift vehicles
Company Toyota made public two innovative forklift vehicles

Toyota Forklift recommended the vehicles. It presented it as self-ruling vehicles, developed in cooperation with Toyota Advanced Logistics and Bastian Solutions. The first machine was named the “Center-Controlled Rider”. The second is called "Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklifts". Both are suitable for use in warehouses for various purposes. They are appropriate to provide distribution centers in large stores, where special supervision of specialists is not required to complete the packaging goods. These two machines are ideal for repetitive and standardized actions.

The devices have built-in ANT software from BlueBotics.

This software is popular to integrate into devices similar to automated forklifts. Even though both vehicles are considered self-propelled carts, they still have much more autonomous functionality.

Mechanized vehicle technology is evolving every day.  Track and wire systems are often used in warehouses, which greatly simplify the work and reduce the time it takes to complete. However, technology has advanced further and is embedded in forklift trucks and pallets, increasing the loading and unloading operations efficiency. 

Toyota is confident that AGV has a strong chance of popularity due to the reduced complexity of material control operations while integrating these technologies into large-scale warehouses.

The company is increasingly attracting warehouse-related investors to motivate them to invest in an automated forklift system for this reason. Based on this, Toyota presents its variants of cargo handling vehicles without the need for human drivers.

So far, the company has settled on three main categories:

1. VGVs are visual guided vehicles. Trucks represent them (e.g. Pallet Truck VGV and Tugger VGV from Bastian Solutions). These devices can be easily integrated into almost any infrastructure. They are capable of building a room map using 3D modeling technology, which will allow you to avoid manual or wire driving. 

2. Autos that do not need a driver can be wire, radiofrequency, and tape machines. They use pre-marked paths in the field of the premises for movement. These paths can either be embedded in the floor or taped to it. 

3. Laser drone vehicles can infiltrate warehouses more easily and discreetly. They use a system of fixed points to move. They determine it thanks to built-in lasers. Finding them, they begin to move in the right direction.


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