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The famous Coty corporation, which creates cosmetics and partners with many popular cosmetics brands such as Rimmel and CoverGirl, began to introduce robots into its production. In one of its factories, 8 ultra-functional robots are engaged in packaging products on powder presses. They are placed on 4 movable carts. This drastic improvement and move to more mobile manufacturing could reduce costs by half a million dollars, and improve workflow and product quality. 


The main problem that slowed down the automation process, according to Baublitz, was the issue of the ability to work with a large number of presses at the same time. After all, there are 12 of them in production. The Coty Cosmetics manager saw some benefits in automating the workflow. This will help increase the productivity of work, reduce the possibility of producing defective goods. Plus, it will help speed up the work process and reduce the workload of the company's employees. This is where the initial emphasis was placed when planning the introduction of robotics into Coty's production. Unfortunately, there was no suitable technology at that time that could be useful for large and complex technology. The company's management did not stop at this attempt to modernize production, they turned to the founder of Sydorko Automation for help. He pointed out that the most important thing in designing a huge automated system is to create a portable, functional technology that can cope with the tasks at hand. At the same time, the cost of development should not be prohibitively high. Therefore, the idea of placing the robot on all twenty presses was completely inappropriate. But moving bulky robots across the entire plant was not the best option either. 


It was decided to switch to automation at Universal Robots. Sydorko says the platform is ideal for walking teamwork, they are quite easy to use and convenient. This system is equipped with “godets'' collection capabilities, which are iron stands on which powdered cosmetics are placed. The system places them on stands in packed boxes and directs them to a special compartment where processing takes place. During product creation, the powder passes through godets, which are squeezed under the head of a Cognex 3D shaper. All this is necessary to conduct a study of the working surface, as well as to calculate the amount of powder on the tray. After the godets have passed all the checks and are in satisfactory condition, the UR3 collects them and flattens them on a pallet. After the entire pallet is full, the cobot picks it up and transfers it to a special container. The UR5 cobot then moves to where the empty pallets are. He takes them one at a time and transfers them to the designated storage area. Then, the system waits for the next tray to arrive to continue working. 

The ultra-modern and comfortable cobots can quickly switch from one process to another. They suit all types of food. Now, there is an opportunity to work with various forms of discs and bring to life more than a dozen recipes and ways of creating products. At your disposal are round, square, and other trays that have different thicknesses. Also of various thicknesses and weights. from the presses one or two at a time. They have an instant adjustment of the run time, and also make it possible to work with more than twenty recipes when creating a product. Coty has been able to attach cobots to all of its existing mobile carts that can move through space. This is made possible by the Universal Robots software. The management of the company claims that all this is much more comfortable and easier than purchasing 12 automated stations. Thanks to this arrangement, it was possible to fulfill all the wishes and needs of the company at no extra cost. Accessibility, simplicity, and portability are the main positive qualities of development. To configure and start the system, you need to spend only 15 minutes, this includes the moment of turning on the cobot, mixing, and installing it. 

By optimizing the workflow, the corporation will be able to save almost $500,000. This is a very good investment. Besides the profit, Coty will be able to take care of its employees. After all, now, automated machines will work on processes that are difficult and harmful to the human body. Employees will be able to do other useful things without harming the company. Management reports that with the acquisition of cobots, the company has been able to restructure its work and optimize its schedule. The robots will be fully engaged (continuous work in 3 shifts), which will reduce working hours for people. This will improve the quality of work, due to the low workload of workers, which cannot but please everyone. Besides, Baublitz reports that a control system will be built into the robotic cells. Previously, this was done by workers, now they can be replaced by cobots. Of course, employees will be able to intervene in the verification process and make adjustments. 

Reliability and safety 

Even with such fast and high-quality work done, the safety of the system comes first. Colla's automated machines are designed for the safest possible interaction with employees. Of course, the company had to put in enough effort to create a unique system that combines quality, speed, and secure communication. So, it was decided to create small fences and curtains between workers and robotics. Thanks to this, robots can turn on the mode of safe interaction with people, switching to a slower speed with an employee in the room. But immediately after the worker leaves the premises, the equipment continues to work as quickly as possible for itself. Precisely because of the ability to control the speed of work and actions of robots, the developer preferred the Coty Universal Robots system and not another. For example, a typical industrial robot needs 480 volts to fully operate, while Coty carts operate at 110 volts. It is much safer for the workers themselves to move such carts, without risking their lives. You can also add weight and size to their advantages. 

The introduction of innovative technologies and joint work is the key to the successful promotion of the corporation. After successfully setting up the cobots' technology, their control from the inside, from a distance, became available. In case of problems or disputable points, the company will be able to contact the integrator at any time and fix the error. But, thanks to reliable and successful robotics technologies, in most cases, workers will be able to resolve all problems on their own.



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