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Today, technologies based on artificial intelligence are actively starting to be used in production, just like machine learning. Despite the immense popularity and rapid development of these areas, analysts believe that it will take more than a dozen years to fully integrate them into the workflow.  Corporations offer a huge number of services related to these innovative systems that will be useful in any field of activity.

Indeed, thanks to ultra-precise and clear detectors for the collection and transmission of information, the system can control the process of teaching the features of the work of AI and thereby improve the quality of work and make it easier. 

 Nowadays, despite a large number of successful developments, artificial intelligence technologies are still considered something unusual and unexplored to the end, and this is the reason for the lack of clear norms and canons. This can become a current collision and obstacle when using the system for production purposes. 

 Systematization of knowledge and the presence of certain criteria would greatly help facilitate the work of employees, improve synchronization with other objects, and also protect the system from hacking. Without licensing standards, it will be very difficult to achieve all this, almost impossible. 

 Therefore, it can be summarized that after the release of technological standards, a new stage in the development of a particular system as a whole begins. It is the creation of norms and models of the system that allows developers to experiment, create new products much more often, and easily introduce them into the work of industrial facilities. Also, the availability of standards shows potential petitioners about the seriousness and effectiveness of development. After all, the certified technologies have been thoroughly tested by experts. This makes them more reliable in the eyes of users. 

 The ETSI SAI IG was one of the earliest corporations to certify and secure AI. The company provided detailed reports on the performance of individual enterprises that have encountered some difficulties using artificial intelligence. 

 Namely, companies are faced with an unreliable form of work, lack of system data protection. Also, serious problems such as abuse of systems, bias, and lack of work ethics were cited. The management of the corporation often raises the issue of the problems associated with the lack of technology standards and tries to do everything to correct this moment. The first step was to create a report on the performance of systems in the industrial sector. 

 When creating reporting documentation, professionals divide the machine learning work cycles into several periods, which have their characteristics and difficulties in implementation. Thus, work begins with collecting data, then information management, prototyping, software customization, the process of setting up work and training, checking, unpacking, and updating the data takes place.

 During the collection of information, as well as its analysis, due attention should be paid to unity. In general, when transferring information to 2 or more resources at once, an error can sometimes occur in different forms associated with a discrepancy between the system and the information mode. Incorrect calculations, in turn, can cause the entire system to malfunction, as well as provoke malfunctions. Hackers can compromise the system and cause irreparable damage. 

 Also, the report showed that at the stage of teaching the sequence of learning processes, problems associated with the reliability and security of the program can also arise. This can happen even though everything in the system is designed with safety and security in mind. 

 A hacker can manually replace all data at the stage of training, thereby disrupting the entire further course of work. Leakage of important information can occur, which will entail a lot of troubles and losses for both the company and its employees. Unfortunately, at the moment, there has not been a single standard that could cope with all the issues. But, the work done to identify the main problems associated with the work of artificial intelligence can be the first step towards their solution.


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