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Which will NASA Advanced Air Mobility choose?

To modernize and improve the quality of flights, NASA decided to partner with the world's best corporation in the field of robotics in aviation, Reliable Robotics. It should help the organization with the NASA National Campaign (AAM). Product testing under this program is already scheduled for next year. This testing will help to see and calculate how automated technology can help the campaign in performing its immediate tasks. After all, the proposed development is capable of connecting carriers, logistics services, and the most efficient air transportation within the city.

Pitney Bowes ventures into AI robots Ambi Robotics

Pitney Bowes is a world renowned technology innovation corporation. This corporation is known for its successful money transfer solutions that have come in handy in the areas of finance, e-commerce, transactions and postal services. Now, the company's management has planned the introduction of the robotic technology AmbiSort, in the field of electronic commerce in the United States. It is assumed that within five years the corporation will be able to significantly improve its productivity thanks to automated machines with embedded Pitney Bowes AI.

DHL will increase warehouse robots

World-renowned logistics company DHL has renewed its partnership with successful startup Locus Robotics. By 2022, the number of used warehouse robots manufactured by Locus Robotics will reach 2 thousand. The company has now deployed 500 warehouse ancillary systems across the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2021, it is planned to introduce an additional 500 additional devices. It is predicted that the number of automated robotics will at least double by 2022.

Interaction between robots and humans

Today, innovative technology offerings allow humans and robots to interact freely. There are more and more new developments and applications for these purposes, which help to optimize work processes. Of course, users still face synchronization difficulties, but large corporation developers are actively looking for solutions to these problems.

Check of the new robot system from Exotec

Technology for learning sellers how to handle restocking with returns from electronic trading. The significant development in electronic sales shows corporations all the need to implement automated technologies in their businesses, warehouses and barns. By means of robots and automation of processes, it's possible to achieve a balance of time and costs when choosing products for electronic trading. The maximum speed of work can be achieved.

Pros of Weeding Robots for Farming

The world-famous corporation for the development of innovative technologies based on AI Carbon Robotics recently unveiled its new automated robot to help the farmer. This new machine is capable of removing even impressive weeds with ease, thus improving crop growth. The system is equipped with modern laser systems that help identify problem areas and find weeds. AI facilitates efficient autonomous development and the most accurate movement between sowing rows without damaging the plants.

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