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To modernize and improve the quality of flights, NASA decided to partner with the world's best corporation in the field of robotics in aviation, Reliable Robotics. It should help the organization with the NASA National Campaign (AAM). Product testing under this program is already scheduled for next year. This testing will help to see and calculate how automated technology can help the campaign in performing its immediate tasks. After all, the proposed development is capable of connecting carriers, logistics services, and the most efficient air transportation within the city.

The head of AAM announced great plans and hopes for partnering with the best companies in the market to effectively achieve their goals. Automated machines will bring completely new details to the operation of all systems and will allow various testing and research to be carried out much more often and more productively. 

The creation of a truly productive and safest system of air travel for different distances and different tasks is the main goal of the organization. It is the robotic technology that will help to establish the process of transportation to remote and difficult-to-pass points on the map. The organization plans to introduce avia taxi and other innovations in air transportation into its system to achieve the fastest possible results. Based on such basic qualities as airspace, infrastructure, and vehicle design, the organization has selected the 13 best companies and a special university that can rush to complete all tasks.

The TOP 3 companies that are engaged in the creation of air transportation systems are Joby Aviation, Reliable Robotics, Wisk, and Joby Aviation. Reliable Robotics strives to become the market leader through the development of development technologies. The employees are engaged in the development of systems that will help in emergencies during the flight, they are also involved in logistics and practice integrated flights.

Employees of the corporation argue that excellence in air travel and mobility can be achieved through remote control of equipment.

The founder of the company claims that it is a pleasure for them to cooperate with large and world-famous organizations. This will help them develop their activities better and broaden their horizons.

The created system of remotely controlled vehicles can operate on such types of air transport as the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 208 Caravan cargo aircraft.

All developed systems will be improved and developed to certify the technology and put it into action. Already, training flights are being conducted over cities (all actions have been approved by the legislature).


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