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Pitney Bowes is a world renowned technology innovation corporation. This corporation is known for its successful money transfer solutions that have come in handy in the areas of finance, e-commerce, transactions and postal services. Now, the company's management has planned the introduction of the robotic technology AmbiSort, in the field of electronic commerce in the United States. It is assumed that within five years the corporation will be able to significantly improve its productivity thanks to automated machines with embedded Pitney Bowes AI.

The efficiency, speed, and accuracy of parcel delivery will be improved. The safety of workers will also increase, they will be less loaded with unnecessary tasks that robots can now perform in their place.

Recently, at its main R&D facility in California, the company tested its AmbiSort technology, which was more than successful. The technology has coped with the recognition and sorting of a huge number of parcels in a minimum amount of time. Thanks to the built-in AI system, this development is able to learn as quickly as possible, literally along the way, memorizing previously used data. Thus, the technology is getting better and better every time, more perfect and faster. Users of this development will be able to maximize all needs and improve work processes.

Large-scale redirections and transportation require huge funding and labor costs, and the introduction of automated technology with AI into work can cope with all this. Ambi Robotics CEO said the company is delighted to be working with Pitney Bowes. After all, the company is trying to improve its work, to introduce innovative technologies into the core of e-commerce. The demand for AI robotics is growing every day and contributes to the emergence of technological innovations.

Ambi Robotics is powered by AmbiOS, and its software incorporates a special AI that is able to recreate the events of the real world. All this enables robots to learn twice as fast as they would in reality.

Automated techniques work much better with parcels, namely, they pack, sort and send them. This significantly improves productivity, reduces costs and saves time. AmbiSort improves the quality of the company's work and also helps to keep employees from overstraining. In one of the most time-consuming processes, robots help companies tremendously.

The robotic prototypes presented open up incredible opportunities for system designers, as well as are real lifesavers for large companies that need them.



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