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 The world-renowned corporation Realisator Robotics, headquartered in Sweden, which develops innovative robotic technologies, has begun a close collaboration with Scanfil. They are currently developing the robot firefighter Fumo. Thanks to the professional advice of the rescue services and the emergency agency, the development can undoubtedly serve as a qualified assistant in emergencies. After all, such a high-tech development, with thoughtful details and the ability to manage remotely, can simplify rescue operations and make them much more successful.

Based on a survey of rescue services, the company took into account all their preferences. So, robotic firefighters are easy to use and carry. Thanks to it, you can remotely collect data, transmit information to the control center at the same time from several locations. It is truly a multifunctional device that can work remotely in real time. Fumo is equipped with a sufficient number of attachment points.

The robotic firefighter is equipped with a modern working screen, thanks to which you can easily control the machines. Workers will be able to select suitable modes and customize the robot. All the necessary applications are implemented in the robot, monitors are clearly marked to which you can connect all the necessary headsets. Thanks to its ultra-innovative interface, with the latest capabilities for creating updated software, the robot is able to manage the information that is transmitted in its networks.

The self-driving Fumo robot is also considered a multi-purpose, versatile assistant with remote control and excellent search skills. For example, a robot can be used to work with a fire hose, in which case the control point will be attached to a fire engine.

In the process of researching the work of the Fumo robot, it was found that using the Force 50 water gun together with the robot, it would be possible to throw a fire hose as far as 100 meters. Active research is also ongoing on the conductivity of water and its treatment.

Fumo can be controlled remotely thanks to a special remote control. It also allows you to adjust the robot placement, water flow force, and water vent direction.

In addition, to improve work in extreme situations, the robot itself can be attached to the necessary devices for reading the information, temperatures, gas indicators, as well as surveillance cameras that record everything that happens around. It is this information that will be able to coordinate the work of firefighters and will be useful in solving a complex urgent problem. In online mode, the tactics of actions can be changed to eliminate a dangerous situation. Also, these notes will serve as ideal teaching material for the training of specialists.

Undoubtedly, this robotic firefighter can be productively used during fire extinguishing. He is well versed in space, and also skillfully distinguishes firefighters, recognizes fire and affected areas.

Fumo is able to work much longer in extreme conditions than the average person. The robot is very robust and can function even at extremely high temperatures.

Ideally, the robot will work together with a professional firefighter. This will facilitate the entire workflow because the firefighter robot will be able to control the strength of the water supply, while the rescuers will focus on other, more important tasks.

A huge plus can be considered the possibility of safe entry of cars into a burning room, which will help save more people and find everyone who needs help. Thus, firefighters will be exposed to less risk, and rescue operations will be more successful.

Scanfil Corporation is actively developing robotic technology for fighting Fumo fires, because Realisator Robotics plans to move from test work to real work.

The best specialists have been working on the development of this firefighter robot for over 10 years. It is very important to bring the matter to the end and move from layouts and theoretical developments to real production. But thanks to the modern approaches of Scanfil, with which the company has been cooperating for several years, the success of this development will not come.

Although today there is healthy competition between technical systems on the world stage, most of them still do not represent the final ideal product. Therefore, Fumo has every chance to take a worthy position in its niche. This development not only surprises with its technological capabilities but its ability to truly save human lives.



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