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Xiaomi Corporation has set a goal to be number 1 in the production of electric vehicles. Although the company recently announced the start of the production of electric vehicles, it is confidently aimed at success. One of the world's largest financial news agencies has indicated that Xiaomi is planning to set up a factory for the manufacturing of electric cars.

The company claims to construct about 300,000 vehicles annually. Work on this project will begin in 2024, at the company's newly minted factory. Moreover, Xiaomi plans to create an office in Beijing, which will monitor the production and conduct marketing research. The heads of the corporation are determined to launch the sale of electric vehicles in their chain stores.

Until now, the public does not know how far the development and distribution of the lineup of new Xiaomi machines will go. All that has become known is that the corporation will contribute ten billion $ over the next ten years in the development of electric cars. So far, we have managed to find out only these facts from the official representatives of the corporation. The factory manager in China assures that soon, Xiaomi will occupy a leading position in the market for the manufacture of electric vehicles, thereby ousting its competitors (Nio, Xpeng, and even Tesla).


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