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Five trends in industrial automation in 2022

Given what we've all experienced in the last 2+ years, looking ahead, there are 5 trends for the world of industrial automation.

Manufacturing repurposing. Over the past 2 years, we've seen everything from a shortage of toilet paper to a lack of chips for semiconductors. The shortage of chips has led to a massive hole in the industry, from cars to appliances, with all manufacturers feeling the pressure. Most of the semiconductors in the world today are made in China and Taiwan.

When is a Retrofit Appropriate? 

Retrofitting older machinery with the latest technology is an effective way to stay competitive in today's market. Retrofits can result in substantial cost savings and enable an incremental approach to Industry 4.0 initiatives. Retrofitting has become increasingly common in recent years, and there are a few reasons why. The first is that Industry 4 .0 investments often aren't made due to their high upfront costs involved  - especially when they're replacements for entire pieces of equipment rather than just upgrading certain aspects like software functionality.

Software robots at the service of pharmaceutical companies

RPA tools allow software robots to outsource a significant portion of the routine, leaving only the complex, creative tasks that require communication with others or directly impact business performance to pharma workers. The pandemic has forced pharmaceutical companies to look for ways and opportunities to support business continuity in a remote work environment to meet the growing demand for their products and cope with supply chain challenges. As a result, pharma companies have turned to tools like RPA to improve productivity and operational efficiency while minimizing the time and resources required to deploy IT.

Production automation and "remote work"

What will happen to the global labor market in the next five years?

Experts from the World Economic Forum have compiled a list of the top trends that will form the global labor market over the next five years. Some of these changes will occur due to the pandemic's wake, but, particularly, the technological advances have already triggered the majority of trends. 

Xiaomi plans to create 300 thousand electric vehicles in a year

Xiaomi Corporation has set a goal to be number 1 in the production of electric vehicles. Although the company recently announced the start of the production of electric vehicles, it is confidently aimed at success. One of the world's largest financial news agencies has indicated that Xiaomi is planning to set up a factory for the manufacturing of electric cars.

Firefighter robot created by Realisator Robotics and Scanfil

 The world-renowned corporation Realisator Robotics, headquartered in Sweden, which develops innovative robotic technologies, has begun a close collaboration with Scanfil. They are currently developing the robot firefighter Fumo. Thanks to the professional advice of the rescue services and the emergency agency, the development can undoubtedly serve as a qualified assistant in emergencies. After all, such a high-tech development, with thoughtful details and the ability to manage remotely, can simplify rescue operations and make them much more successful.

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