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Improved worker activity notification system for automated robots

 The world was presented with an innovative contextual technology on which the work of robots depends. This system is completely ready to start working in factories. It can significantly improve the productivity of the workflow because now robots will be able to recognize the outlines and silhouettes of employees. According to statistics, this quiet technology is considered the most successful development at the moment.

Collaborative robots will be indispensable of the future

According to the famous aphorism of the American scientist Warren Bennis, only a man and a dog will be needed in the factories of the future. The person feeds the dog, and the dog does not allow the person to approach the equipment that works properly in automatic mode. This quote very succinctly describes how the ideal product should look and function in the future.

What happens if chickens interact with robots

How to determine if an egg is on the stage, a cock inside, or a hen? How do you know what a chicken wants? How to create a hen robot? All these questions are answered in their project Gallus Gallus Roboticus by South African artist and robotics Miranda Moss and American programmer Daniel Brownell. As part of their speech at the festival of science and technology, they talked about how artificial intelligence can be used to raise chickens and how it relates to the problems of humanity.

TOP 8 compelling directions of RPA in 2021 

RPA presents an exciting challenge for the managers of large holdings and is rapidly gaining ground in several businesses, including manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, BFSI, and defense. But this is not all, but only the beginning. However, in recent years, innovation has spread rapidly, as have discussions on other related breakthroughs such as automation and artificial intelligence. This link is appropriate given the close link between automation and technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the clear future of process automation.

Robot Milrem Robotics for planting

 Several proposals related to minimizing environmental damage include massive reforestation. Planting billions of trees in the first place sounds like a challenge for robots! Humanity has already automated felling and made it massive. Meanwhile, in most cases, trees are still planted by hand and individually. Now is the time to think about automating and scaling the processes of caring for nature.

Use of artificial intelligence

Today, technologies based on artificial intelligence are actively starting to be used in production, just like machine learning. Despite the immense popularity and rapid development of these areas, analysts believe that it will take more than a dozen years to fully integrate them into the workflow.  Corporations offer a huge number of services related to these innovative systems that will be useful in any field of activity.

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