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Technology for learning sellers how to handle restocking with returns from electronic trading. The significant development in electronic sales shows corporations all the need to implement automated technologies in their businesses, warehouses and barns. By means of robots and automation of processes, it's possible to achieve a balance of time and costs when choosing products for electronic trading. The maximum speed of work can be achieved.

Last year, the number of contributions to innovative development increased by 50%. The global robot storage industry is projected to reach $ 6.8 billion after 5 years.

Returns from electronic commerce are a popular problem for merchants. According to analysts' forecasts, up to 30% of purchases made online are returned to the seller cause the buyers receive wrong parcels with wrong orders or they just do not like the item. The survey shows that the difference between the price and the value of an online order is 10%, and the average cost of returning an item is $ 15.

According to developers and management corporations, autonomous cars are the answer to all problems. The corporations recently started a Gap project to check a Skypod solution for delivering stuff to consumers.

The developers argue that the return process is still handled by ordinary employees, but if a product is approved for sale, an autonomous machine can return the product quickly and efficiently.

The company's three-dimensional robot can move horizontally and has a top and bottom shelf height of 36 meters. The CEO says this allows all traders and online electronic commerce sellers to quadruple their capabilities of safekeeping.

Robotic technology can multiply the collection operation five times, but for the process of return, that speed is multiplied in ten. The systems can also track the stuff during the entire moving period, so if it has not yet been ordered online, the picker will be notified that the stuff is awaiting return to the factory.

In the fall of 2020, the company has declared a $ 90 million development fundraiser. The company employs about 250 people worldwide, with the majority of robots being used in Europe and Asia. The corporation currently has only five employees in North America but plans to expand its staff.

Returns are considered a harder and longer process than the pickup. Before returning, the employee must find, check, and resend the stuff.

Time passes when you get to the Returns Productivity Center and are faced with two problems - handling returns, returning them to the collection point, and getting the correct item.

The purpose of this development is to free up time for warehouse employees so that they can focus on packing new orders. The technology is currently under investigation.

The corporation is already making full use of its developments for both order picking and revenue management in Europe. It is an ultra-precise technology that allows it to be used as a third party in a variety of jobs without fear of mistakes or confusion.


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