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The world-famous corporation for the development of innovative technologies based on AI Carbon Robotics recently unveiled its new automated robot to help the farmer. This new machine is capable of removing even impressive weeds with ease, thus improving crop growth. The system is equipped with modern laser systems that help identify problem areas and find weeds. AI facilitates efficient autonomous development and the most accurate movement between sowing rows without damaging the plants.

The main feature of such robots is the use of heat energy using a laser, which allows maintaining the integrity of the soil. No other similar autonomous car can boast of such capabilities. The innovative robots developed by the company allow farmworkers to avoid the overuse of chemicals to eliminate weeds. They also significantly reduce the time and effort spent on removing unnecessary weeds. Taken together, this results in improved farm performance, reduced waste, and increased efficiency and productivity.

The ultra-sophisticated and advanced systems that are being used in the development of robots are ideal for improving productivity in the agricultural sector. The director of the company says that more and more farmers and suppliers of products are introducing innovative technologies and robots with AI into their activities, among other things, to simplify work processes and get maximum profit. The main mission of Carbon Robotics today is to develop systems and innovative techniques that will help combat unwanted plants in large farm beds.

By purchasing such robots, farmers will receive a lot of advantages.

First, they can improve the quality and quantity of the products grown. Robots equipped with lasers minimize damage, they are completely harmless and retain all the necessary soil elements. Thus, thanks to these robots, farmers will be able to eliminate the use of chemicals in the cultivation of products and to harvest a high-quality ecological crop. This regenerative approach will be a great alternative to outdated ways of working with innovative technologies.

There is a reduction in costs. The management will be able to reduce the salary payments to additional employees who are occupied with the processing of the fields. They also save money on the purchase of herbicides and other chemical products to combat unwanted races. It saves money and resources. After all, the issue of labor costs is a painful place for the agricultural sector. After all, it is this item that occupies the largest percentage in the expenditure column of the farm (28.2%). So using robots to help reduce these costs is an incredible advantage.

Involvement of regenerative methods. The chemicals used in the cultivation of crops are simply destroying the soil and are causes associated with human health problems. The use of laser robots is an excellent tool for solving weed control problems. Thus, all farms will be able to completely abandon the use of chemicals in the cultivation of products.

Beginning organic farming. If earlier, the economic side of the issue of organic control of unwanted plants was a huge problem for farms. Now, with the help of automated technology, farmers will be able to abandon chemicals without sacrificing yields and profits. Now, manufacturers can confidently assert that their products are absolutely environmentally friendly.

This system is specially made for row crops ranging from 200 to 10 thousand acres. One automated machine will be able to weed 20 acres a day.

From the very beginning of the corporation's work, since 2018, it has been fruitfully working together with large agricultural firms and farms. The company develops systems that address weed control problems. They partner with traditional and organic farmers. The robots created by the company undergo numerous tests on special farms for growing vegetables. Employees and heads of companies can check the quality of their work, see all the advantages and places for labor. Machines are capable of working in fields with various vegetables and crops. This is also all rigorously tested before the robots are sold to farmers.

All featured 2021 models of robots are already out of print, but everyone who wants to can now leave applications for ordering the next model, which will be released in 2022. The corporation also allows robots to be leased to farmers for a specific lease term. This will expand the range of use of autonomous technology and make it more accessible to smaller sectors of the agricultural industry.

The corporation does not stop there and continues to develop more and more new technologies that are useful to farmers and help to achieve maximum efficiency in their work.




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