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 The world was presented with an innovative contextual technology on which the work of robots depends. This system is completely ready to start working in factories. It can significantly improve the productivity of the workflow because now robots will be able to recognize the outlines and silhouettes of employees. According to statistics, this quiet technology is considered the most successful development at the moment.

Indeed, in fact, now, under the words "safe work of robots". it meant not only the most unhappy course of work but a clear awareness of all the factors and the situation around. Also, robots are required to see what a person is going to do to a particular object. With an innovative system, automated machines will be able to achieve the highest degree of awareness and contextual perception. And only, in this case, robots are able to interact with people, help them in their work and be absolutely safe. All this has become much easier, easier, and cheaper with the development of a new system.

The main product developer claims that now, thanks to the created unique system, the robot is able to recognize employees, distinguish them and create a full-fledged 3D image of the person standing in front of him.

With such data, autonomous systems are even able to identify the position and position in which the worker is standing, with a prediction of his subsequent movements. Taken together, this all allows the robot to better interact with people in production. While earlier robots could only minimally interact with people and simply calculate steps to the object

According to the developers, this technology needs much fewer calculations and calculations than its predecessors, thanks to the introduction of AI. The technology relies entirely on a system of transfer study of work, which is based on the principle of re-using information obtained during the study. This all happens before adjusting the robot to specific software.

A recent study by KTH scientist Lihui Wang proves that this unique technology is not only suitable for all ISO parameters, but also outperforms cobots in terms of safety. And this is the main reason to start introducing them into world-renowned manufacturing factories.

After all, awareness of the context itself already provides more productivity and reliability than the outdated one-dimensional interaction.

The use of outdated technologies and systems leads to a deterioration in the work process, it is difficult for workers to work with technology. All this significantly slows down the workflow.

Designers compare context-sensitive technology for robots and unmanned vehicles that can distinguish traffic light colors and anticipate future changes. In order not to stop the car completely, the system is able to simply slow down the movement of the car until the right light turns on. This extends the life of the braking system and transmission.

Based on all the tests carried out on the new contextual technology, it was possible to find out that it will significantly improve the operation of autonomous equipment and production and speed up all processes.

For example, in one of the experiments, a limb of a real person was placed on the path of the robot arm. All this was done as quickly and unexpectedly as possible. The robot was not taken aback and did not stop its work, it was able to project further trajectories of human movement in its system and continue its work without interfering with the employee.

All this rightfully gives maximum safety and also allows you to define the context of the assembly strip. Even more, safety and minimization of collisions in the process of work are what the developers offer. 

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