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Four predictions for surgery in 2022

Many discussions about robotic surgery, digital surgery, and telesurgery, including many positives. In particular, thanks to new forms of AR, robot-assisted surgery platforms can see ( computer vision), learn ( machine learning) and assist ( clinical intelligence) with surgery, making a faithful digital surgical assistant available for the first time. But for robot-assisted surgery, digitized surgery, and telesurgery to show their full potential, 5G infrastructure needs to be provided everywhere. Robotic-assisted surgery also needs to be widespread for further development. 

Solving tensions between humans and cobots

Researchers are increasingly thinking about how humans and robots can work together effectively in production environments and exploring the social and ethical aspects of robotics and artificial intelligence systems. How do the fields of industrial automation and ethics intersect? Typically, people look at robots as independent pieces of technology that don't necessarily fit into the overall structure of things. Still, in the world of industrial automation and ethics, there are many different ways they interact.

What is the difference between industrial robots?

Defining industrial robots is helpful to look back at what has changed from their inception to the present day. The first robots were just industrial robots, which were machines that could perform a series of repetitive and relatively static movements. Nowadays, with the development of technology, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between an industrial robot and a service robot and define the boundaries of their working areas. Industrial robots are understood as robots "for the automation of production," while service robots "solve useful tasks for people or equipment, excluding industrial automation applications."

Mobile robots are not dangerous for workers

Companies need to prioritize safety when designing autonomous mobile robots. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) have developed the ANSI/RIA R15.08 Safety Standard for Mobile Robots. Mobile robots have become a powerful automation tool in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities, and their numbers are growing. In most cases, companies are unclear on how to use mobile robots in facilities most effectively.

Five opportunities to improve robot integration 

Robots are now playing an increasing role in industries such as consumer goods and life sciences, as companies look for ways to increase product diversity, improve production efficiency in the face of staff shortages and improve safety. But to unlock the real strength of robotics within your business, don't forget one important factor: the ability to integrate robots into the structure of your enterprise. 

Autonomous robots in the aftermath of war

One of the deadliest weapons in modern warfare is mines. They are considered the ideal soldier in the armed forces: Always courageous, never tired, and never misses. The cost-effectiveness and simplicity of mines is important in explaining their extensive application in many countries facing the threat of mines today. The goal of civilian or humanitarian demining is to find abandoned mines and remove them without damaging the surrounding environment.

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